Dutch Shuffleboard (Sjoelen) – a fun family game everyone can play in Australia

Sjoelen, or Dutch Shuffleboard, was invented in Holland sometime during the 19th century. It is a great family – friendly game that is easy to learn, but not so easy to master! Keep your family and friends entertained for hours as Sjoelen is the perfect addition to any party, workplace or family gathering! You can view an outline of how to play on Sjoelbak Australia’s rules page.

The term “Sjoelbak” actually refers to the board used to play Sjoelen. Sjoelbak Australia specialise in high quality authentic Dutch Sjoelbak boards that can last a lifetime, becoming a treasured family possession worthy of being handed down from one generation to the next.

Today, Sjoelen is growing in popularity and traction in many countries across the world, including Australia. Despite originating in Holland over two centuries ago, Dutch Shuffleboard remains a favourite game in schools, clubs, families and parties around the world. Discover the joy and competitive fun of Dutch Shuffleboard today and take a look at www.sjoelbak.com.au

A great Christmas present for a Dutch Australian!  Free shipping within Australia for a limited time.

Get your delicious Dutch treats at Dutchy’s Bakehouse on the Sunshine Coast

Dutchys Bakehouse

If you are in South East Queensland and want a real taste of The Netherlands, you’re in luck.

Jeroen is a 5th generation Dutch baker, who now lives on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and owns Dutchy’s Bakehouse.


You can get a variety of delicious Dutch treats and Australian meat pies too!  There is also really good coffee and a small cafe with lots of little Dutch touches.  All products are made from scratch in the bakery, and gluten free products also available.


My Dutch husband just loves the bread, and when we were living in Brisbane planned regular trips to the Sunshine Coast to get some “decent Dutch bread”.


Our girls love the various seasonal treats on offer, here’s some cute snowmen for Christmas!


Christmas 2014 orders

Traditional Dutch homemade croquettes, oliebollen for new year’s, Christmas Stollen and more.  I got to see these go into the oven and they smelt amazing as they baked.



If you’re in Brisbane, on Wednesday 24th December, there will be a delivery to Prins Willem Alexander Village in Birkdale – must pre-order by Tuesday 2pm.

The bakery in Sippy Downs, Sunshine Coast is open until 4pm on Christmas Eve (Wednesday) if you would like to visit and regular opening hours are below.


New Year’s Eve 2014-2015

It’s not a real Oud & Nieuw without Olieballen!  There will also be a delivery to Prins Willem Alexander Village in Birkdale.


Call 5445 8911 to order or visit the website for more information for Christmas and New Year’s orders.

Delicious Dutch taste all year around

Open Monday-Friday 5am-5pm
Open Saturday 5am-2pm






Clogheels – a Dutch Australian Queens Day Love Story


Hi, I am Siobhan. I’m an Australian who lived in the Netherlands between 2005 and 2010. Why? Because whenever I travelled around the world I met Dutch people in the most random places and I liked them, so thought I’d try life in their country.  I am also 183 cm tall and I like tall good looking men, dus ‘tuurlijk was Nederland het antwoord!

I fell in love with the country and enjoyed my time there.  Then, in 2009, the year before I was due to leave the Netherlands, I was having a bit of trouble working out what I was going to do with the rest of my life. So I declared it was to be the year of Travel and Shoes. I bought an amazing pair of shoes and travelled all seven continents in a 12 month period.

In 2010, when I was just about to  leave my beloved Netherlands to return to Australia, a humorous and loveable banker gifted me with a wonderful departing present.  He knew of my Imelda shoe complex so had hand made a pair of high heeled clogs!  Thus, Clogheels was born.



I immediately fell in love with my Clogheels and then thought, “Well, since I am still working out what to do with the rest of my life, I might as well take time to work this one out!”   I had been considering an MBA but decided a “DIY MBA” – i.e. starting my own business was more the thing for me. So I began the process of creating and distributing Clogheels.

In April 2013, just in time for the Queens last big shindig (koninginnedag), I launched Clogheels.com.  I flew from Australia back to The Netherlands and had an awesome pop up shop on the Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam (onedayshop.nl) with expert sales support.

Clogheels Haarlemerdijk

Clogheels in box

However, I got a lot more than I bargained for with my business launch when I met Marcel. Marcel is a friend of a friend and asked me to marry him within the two weeks that I was in the Netherlands. I GOT MY VERY OWN TAKE HOME DUTCHY! Awesome huh?

We got married on the 15th May this year, in a dramatic turn of events after a motorcycle accident.  We ended up getting married at St Vincent’s hospital in Sydney.  We are now working out how to get to live in the best two countries in the world!

Clogheels wedding IMG_3333

Would you like your very own pair of Clogheels?  Visit www.clogheels.com and let us know you found us via Dutch Australian.

Perfecting the art of translation (from Dutch to English)

Translator Dutch to English

Finding the words to express oneself isn’t always easy in one’s native tongue. It can be even trickier when having to communicate in another language.

A lover of language, translator Kim van Lent relishes the challenge of transforming other people’s (Dutch) sentiments into English – whether it be for an Australian, British or American audience, translating extensive legal contracts, marketing brochures, or even documents such as driver’s licences, university diplomas or marriage certificates.

The appeal for Kim is in effectively using the right tone and skillfully applying the required subtleties and colloquialisms inherent in the text, ensuring the translation maintains the integrity of the communication piece, as well as its context and intended meaning.

Kim also uses his graphic skills by providing translated documents that perfectly mirror the original, absolutely essential in some instances.  This is necessary, for example, when it comes to documents such as diplomas and bank statements.

Born in the Netherlands to a Dutch mother and a Dutch/Australian father, Kim left the Netherlands at an early age and has spent most of his life in various English speaking countries. He currently enjoys the warmth of southeast Queensland environs, while continuing to retain strong links with the Dutch culture and language and, of course, running his translation business – aptly titled: Dutch to English Translation Services (www.dutchtoenglish.net)

Billy’s Bakehouse: A real Australian meat pie in The Netherlands

Billys Bakehouse

Screenshot source:http://www.billysbakehouse.nl/home/
Used with permission

Billy’s Bakehouse offers you the opportunity to have a real Australian meat pie in The Netherlands.  This week, I learnt a little more about the story behind the business.  Darren has been in The Netherlands for 22 years and has grown Billy’s from a small festival pie stand to a bakery supplying major supermarkets in The Netherlands with real Australian meat pies.  Growing up in Yeppoon in Queensland he is the son of a butcher and “pie lady” who delivered lunches to local businesses.  With that kind of influence from a young age, who better to help educate the Dutch about meat pies!  He first came to The Netherlands “for a bit of a look” but ended up settling here long term and had a few different jobs, but started learning how to make pies in 2008.  In 2010, he had a successful stand as part of the Bevrijdingsfestival and this started a series of festivals including Lowlands for the last three years running.

Billys Pie

Used with permission from Billy’s. The Original Australian Pie. Facebook Page

A recommendation from a customer led to a meeting with Dirk supermarkets and from October 2012, you can now also purchase a real Australian meat pie in The Netherlands at a supermarket!   It took some time to educate the Dutch population explained Darren, with a series of taste tests in store – the Dutch didn’t know what it was and had to ask “what’s that?!”  Though those who had been to Australia or England knew straight away.

Pies are sold in packets of two and though in Australia & the UK frozen pies are usually sold half or completely baked, Billy’s Bakehouse offer them here with the filling pre-booked but the dough fresh – so it tastes more like a freshly baked pie.

You can visit the Billy’s Bakehouse website for a list of locations – both the Duke of Oz Australian Pub and North End English Pub stock them, and you can also order in a box of 12 to pick up directly from where they are handmade in Leiden (by pre-arrangement as there isn’t a shopfront).

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 4.13.23 pm

Available in meat, spicy and vegetarian, these are sure to be a hit at your next dinner party (especially with Dutch people – let’s teach them that it’s not only apple that goes into a pie!), or for a dinner in front of the TV…or any time really!

You can find out more at the Billy’s Bakehouse website and let us know if you buy some in a comment below!


Dutch Australian is a community of those with connections to both Australian and The Netherlands.  This blog follows the adventures of our Dutch Australian family as well as highlighting information and articles of interest to dual nationals.  You might like to read more about me, get to know other Dutch Australian people and explore other articles on the blog.  Come and chat to others over in the Dutch Australian Facebook community, we’d love to meet you!  If you’ve enjoyed this post, I’d really appreciate you taking the time to comment below or share.  You can also contact me directly and sign up for our e-newsletter to keep up to date.

World Wide Juf – Dutch lessons online via Skype

World Wide Juf

(English version below)

Woon je in Australie en is de nederlandse school te ver, maar vind je Nederlandse les wel belangrijk? Dan stellen we graag World Wide Juf aan je voor!

World Wide Juf is persoonlijk onderwijs op afstand via audio- visuele media voor Nederlandse en Vlaamse kinderen die woonachtig zijn in het buitenland. Alle leerlingen krijgen privéles over Skype. Hierdoor zijn de lessen geheel afgestemd op het niveau van de leerling. Iedere leerling kan zo optimaal van het onderwijs profiteren.

World Wide Juf is een jong bedrijf, opgezet door Brenda de Roo en Arlette den Broeder. Twee enthousiaste en zeer ervaren leerkrachten van het primair onderwijs. Deze leerkrachten hebben zowel binnen als buiten Nederland veel werkervaring.

Om een indruk te krijgen hoe World Wide Juf lesgeeft kan je het filmpje bekijken.

Voor meer informatie kan je de website bezoeken: www.worldwidejuf.com

World Wide Juf is ook te vinden op Facebook.


Do you live in Australia and is the Dutch school too far away but are Dutch lessons important for your family? In that case we would like to introduce you to World Wide Juf!

World Wide Juf aims to provide its students with a sense of Dutch identity whilst they are living abroad, by providing online lessons in Dutch language and culture. All students receive private lessons through Skype. Because of this all lessons are tailored to the level of the student. This way each student can take full advantage of the lessons.

World Wide Juf is a young business, founded by Brenda de Roo and Arlette den Broeder. Two enthusiastic and experienced primary school teachers. They both have a lot of experience in and outside of the Netherlands.

To get an impression of how World Wide juf teaches, you can watch the short movie above.

For more information you can visit the website: www.worldwidejuf.com

You can also find World Wide Juf on Facebook. 

Dutch Australian is a community of those with connections to both Australian and The Netherlands.  This blog follows the adventures of our Dutch Australian family as well as highlighting information and articles of interest to dual nationals.  You might like to read more about me, get to know other Dutch Australian people and explore other articles on the blog.  Come and chat to others over in the Dutch Australian Facebook community, we’d love to meet you!  If you’ve enjoyed this post, I’d really appreciate you taking the time to comment below or share.  You can also contact me directly and sign up for our e-newsletter to keep up to date.

Dutch Licorice in Australia at Lollyworld


Are you a Dutchie in Australia missing the taste of Dutch licorice?  Did you know that you can probably find your favourite Dutch Licorice at Lollyworld, who deliver Australia wide?

You can read more about the history of Licorice (also spelt Licorique) on Wikipedia.  Also known as “Drop”, Dutch Licorice typically appeals to the taste of those from Holland and Europe although we are starting to see Australians embrace the sweet salty taste.  For those that don’t know about Dutch Licorice it normally is a salted variety and certainly gives a kick to those not used to it. In saying that there is also a sweet range that includes the Fruit Rockies, Fruit Sticks and Pigs. The big favourites are Black Licorice Coins, Black Cats, Double Salt Licorice and Salmiak Rockies.  For those that cannot decide we have a Dutch Licorice Mix with a taste of all our Dutch Licorice range.  Predominatly our Dutch Licorice is K&H (Kraepelien & Holm), and also including Meenk and Katja.

At the Brisbane Lollyworld store you can buy just one small bag, 1kg bags or even bulk boxes of Dutch Licorice. The bulk boxes are great value if you have friends you can share with or you just really like Dutch Licorice.

You can typically find:

  • Black Coins
  • Brown Coins
  • Double Salt
  • Large, Medium and Small Diamonds
  • TV Pastilles
  • Triple Salt
  • Black Cats
  • Salted Herrings

…and more listed on the Lollyworld website and instore.


Browse the range at

Lollyworld can deliver Australia wide or you can visit the Brisbane shop at:

6 Ebert Pde
Lawnton, 4501
Brisbane, Qld
07 3285 6559

Let Andrew know you read about him on the Dutch Australian website!

Do you like Dutch Licorice?  Let us know in a comment below.

Large-Salty-Diamonds-Lollyw K&H-Salmiak-Rocks-Dutch-Lic Lollworld Watermark Dutch-TV-Pastilles


lollyworld logo


Dutch Australian is a community of those with connections to both Australian and The Netherlands.  This blog follows the adventures of our Dutch Australian family as well as highlighting information and articles of interest to dual nationals.  You might like to read more about me, get to know other Dutch Australian people and explore other articles on the blog.  Come and chat to others over in the Dutch Australian Facebook community, we’d love to meet you!  If you’ve enjoyed this post, I’d really appreciate you taking the time to comment below or share.  You can also contact me directly and sign up for our e-newsletter to keep up to date.

Delft INA (International Networking Association)

Delft INA networking

Delft INA September networking event

When planning the move from The Netherlands to Australia earlier this year, I was excited to see a new english-speaking business networking group pop up in my Facebook newsfeed.  I am a natural networker and feel it’s really important to happiness and success both personally and professionally, especially when you move to a new place.  So I didn’t waste much time making contact with Delft INA (International Networking Association) after we arrived.  I have now already attended 2 events – and have just become a new board member!

You can read more about INA on the website but basically it’s an english speaking group for professionals to come together in Delft to network and learn from each other – my kind of group then!

The first event I attended was a joint one with long term social group The Delftians.  This is an active and friendly group of expats who meet up regularly in Delft.  I enjoyed talking with a number of people….whose names I don’t always remember, that’s one of my networking weaknesses, I need to either see names written or hear them a few times to have them sink in!  Regardless, it was interesting conversation with people of various ages, nationalities, backgrounds and interests, but with this in common – they were all very friendly and welcoming.  Though most were professionals/employed/owned a business, the focus for this event was more social than business.  It was nice to see two different types of Delft networking groups coming together.

The second Delft INA event I attended was last night, held at the Boterhuis, on the Markt, which is a “gezellig” (cosy!) place to meet.  We had a lovely little alcove with a small group and spent a couple of hours talking about lots of different aspects of our lives and businesses.  I’ve attended networking groups with both lots and just a few attendees and enjoy both – with 6 of us there last night, I liked that we had the chance to all talk to each other about issues such as what drives us, how we started a business, challenges we have and much more.

  • Susan is one of the co-founders of Delft INA and is a Video, Design & Online Media Specialist.  She’s originally from Australia but has spent quite a while living in The Netherlands.
  • Lucie has started the Delft Business Consultancy and is also co-founder of Delft INA, founder of Delft MaMa and active in a number of community roles.
  • Marina – is truly multilingual and a A Passionate Linguist with a command of lots of languages!
  • Vivienne – Simply Skin is her business selling a wide range of products she makes herself.  With unique, delicious-sounding products such as “Banoffee Shower Ice Cream”, it seems like the perfect gift to treat yourself or friend!
  • Molly – Molly Quell, online marketing consultant
  • Annegien – blogs, creates beautiful jewellery and much more at Travel Inspire Create
I really enjoyed the evening and looking forward to the next Delft INA event.  Each month is a networking event as well as a workshop.  The September workshop is actually on networking!  Run by Cathy Delhanty, you can read more about The Networking Workshop and hope to see you there on September 24th.  You can prebook by contacting Delft INA.

You can find out more about the group on the Delft INA website, follow the Delft INA Facebook page and also connect with Delft INA on Twitter.

Renee Veldman-Tentori

I’m a Dutch Australian, who blogs about my Life in The Netherlands and shares information, ideas and inspiration with others through this website as well as one on work family balance (Professional Parents).  I am also a social media specialist and offer consulting and training in this area through my business Zestee.


It’s All Dutch To Me

it's all dutch to me

My husband has been homesick for Dutch food while living in Australia and It’s All Dutch To Me has been a site we’ve used a few times to fulfil his cravings.

We liked that there was a flat postage rate of $9.95 and it was exciting to unpack a box that bought back days of grocery shopping at Albert Heijn or C1000!  We ordered a wide range of products all at quite reasonable prices.  Everything from Chocolade Letters, a Delft Blue Metal Beschuit Trommel, Amstel Beer Glas, Pepernoten, Calve Mayonaise and Taaipop arrived in good condition.

It’s fun browsing through their online catalogue and easy to order.  Just keep in mind that if products aren’t in stock, you are aware of this as we ordered a box to arrive in time for Sinterklaas but didn’t get it until the week later due to one product not being available (though they did advise of this).

Fulfil your Dutch food cravings or educate your Australian friends and relatives at It’s All Dutch to Me!  Great gift idea for Dutchies living in Australia.

Dutch Australian is a blog written by Renee Veldman-Tentori, based around my personal experiences of being a dual national.  Read more about me or contact me.


Dutchy’s Bakehouse

Dutchys Bakehouse

Gefeliciteerd! 3 jaar!

We live in North Brisbane but are still regulars at Dutchy’s Bakehouse on the Sunshine Coast.  Not only do they provide wonderful Dutch bread but a whole array of other baked goods…along with friendly service.

Today they celebrated three years – gefeliciteerd!  There was a great celebration with a very “gezellig” atmosphere.  The children enjoyed facepainting and a jumping castle.

Both Gary & Jeroen had been baking for many years in The Netherlands before beginning their business here in Queensland.  The are experts in their field and produce a wonderful range of bread, cakes and much more.

Make sure you try the oliebollen, delicious.  Traditionally in The Netherlands, these are eaten around New Year’s, but at Dutchy’s Bakehouse they are available all year round!

Here is a YouTube video of Gary at work last year:


Open Monday-Friday from 5am-5pm and Saturdays fro 5am-2pm (closed Sundays), you can find Dutchy’s Bakehouse at Shop 7, Scholars Road, Sippy Downs (Sunshine Coast, Australia).  You can also follow the Dutchy’s Bakehouse Facebook page.  They also have a Dutchy’s Bakehouse Fanclub Group on Facebook.

To connect with others who have connections to both Australia and The Netherlands, visit the Dutch Australian Facebook page.  Text and photos copyright: Renee Veldman-Tentori